Off-Campus Access

Denise Hersey, MLS, MA

Assistant Director
Clinical Information Services
  • Serve as your single point of contact to all things library
  • Tailor an instruction session for you or your group
  • Receive your suggestions for new purchases – books, journals, databases, CAI, videos, and any other type of material
  • Help you search for information in any of the Medical Library’s many databases
  • Send you the ‘Medical Library News’ each month – highlighting new resources and information about the library’s programs to keep you up-to-date.

    Contact me for Assistance with:

  • Understanding and using bibliographic citation management systems such as RefWorks and EndNote
  • Complying with the NIH Public Access Policy requirements, including the use of "My Bibliography"
  • Choosing medical apps for your mobile device
  • Creating and refining search strategies to find information on your research topics in databases such as Medline, Scopus, Web of Science
  • Finding health data


  • MLS, Library Science, Southern Connecticut State Univ., 1998
  • MA, University of Massachusetts, 1993
  • BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1990

Honors and Awards:

  • Received 2003 CEO Award for “outstanding contributions and commitment to corporate goals.”
  • Recognized by the Anesthesiology Department of the Yale Medical Center in 2007 for “dedication and commitment to education in the Department of Anesthesiology.”

Selected Presentations:

“The Game-Changers: The 20 Most Important Anesthesia Articles Ever Published”
Poster presented with Karen Bieterman, MLIS; Paul Barash, M.D.67th Annual PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology; December, 2013; New York, NY

“Complex Central Venous Cannulation due to Unusual Bilateral Non-thrombotic IJV Architecture”
Poster presented with Suzana Zorca, M.D.;  Bjal Patel, M.D.;Gerard McCloskey, M.D. American Society of Anesthesiologists; Annual Meeting; October, 2013; San Francisco, CA

“Do We Have What it Takes? Assessing Liaison Librarians’ Skill Sets to Build Strong Partnerships and Ensure Better Outreach in a quickly Changing Research and Learning Environment”
Presentation given with Francine DeFranco, Assistant Vice Provost for University Libraries at UConn, Storrs.  Library Assessment conference, 2012: Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment, 29-31 October; Charlottesville, VA 

“Navigating the Information Superhighway-How to Find the Information You Need”

Created and conducted workshop, with Dr. Viji Kurup from the Anesthesiology Department at Yale New Haven Hospital.  Society for Education in Anesthesia, Spring Annual Meeting, 2011: Using Milestones to Achieve Excellence; 3-5 June; San Antonio, TX.

“If you Build it, Will they Come?: Effect of Gender, Age and Level of Education on Patient Preferences for Anesthesia Web Sites”
Poster presented with Viji Kurup, M.D.; Alison Considine, M.D.; Susan Dabu Bondoc, M.D.
Association of University Anesthesiologists; Annual Meeting; May, 2010; Denver, CO

“Multimodal Approach to Integrating Technology to Enhance Resident Learning in an Anesthesia Residency Program”
Poster presented with Viji Kurup, M.D.
8th Meeting of the Asian Society of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia; Sep, 2009; Tokyo, Japan

“Extreme Outreach: Having a Librarian in the Operating Room Areas”
10th International Congress on Medical Librarianship: Positioning the Profession; Sep, 2009; Brisbane, Australia

“What’s in Your Website? Results of a Survey on Patient Use of the Internet for Information on Anesthesia”
Poster presented with Viji, Kurup, M.D., Alison Considine, M.D., Keith Ruskin, M.D., Natalie Holt, M.D.
Association of University Anesthesiologists, Annual Meeting; April, 2009; Galveston, TX

 “Using Technology as a Catalyst for Learning and Teaching in Anesthesia Residency Education”
Society for Education in Anesthesia, Spring Annual Meeting, 2008: Moving Education out of the Classroom: Technology in Education; June; Miami, FL

“The Perioperative Librarian – A New 'Avatar' for the 21st Century?”
Poster presented with Viji Kurup, M.D., Paul Barash, M.D., Zeev Kain, M.D., M.B.A.
American Society of Anesthesiologists; Annual Meeting; October 2007; San Francisco, CA

“Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed: Having a Librarian in the Operating Room Area”

“Ringing in a New Service: The Library as a Partner in Publishing”
Medical Library Association, Annual Meeting: Information Revolution; May, 2007; Philadelphia, PA

“Leaving the Labyrinth: Partners in the Publication Process”
Medical Library Association, Annual Meeting: Transformations A-Z; May, 2006; Phoenix, AZ

“Online Course Support Services: A Collaborative Approach to Yale University’s Pilot Project”
Connecticut Library Association, College and University Section, Spring 2000

“Electronic Reserves: Don't Let this Happen to you”
ACRL/New England Chapter’s Electronic Reserves Program, Spring 1999


Selected Publications:

Kurup V, Hersey D. The changing landscape of anesthesia education: is Flipped Classroom the answer? Current opinion in anaesthesiology. Dec 2013;26(6):726-731.

Kurup V, Dabu-Bondoc S, Senior A, Dai F, Hersey D, Vadivelu N. Concern for Pain in the Pre-Operative Period- Is the Internet Being Used for Information By Patients? Pain practice : the official journal of World Institute of Pain. May 22 2013.

Kurup V, Considine A, Hersey D, et al. Role of the Internet as an information resource for surgical patients: a survey of 877 patients. British journal of anaesthesia. Jan 2013;110(1):54-58.

Kurup V, Hersey D. Finding information by "design": search strategies for cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia literature. Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia. Oct 2010;24(5):845-858.

Featherstone R, Hersey D. The quest for full text: an in-depth examination of Pubget for medical searchers. Medical reference services quarterly. Oct 2010;29(4):307-319.

Kurup V, Hersey D. The perioperative librarian: luxury or necessity? Current opinion in anaesthesiology. Dec 2007;20(6):585-589.

Hersey DP. Reviving the corporate medical library: using technology to become a cost center. Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA. Oct 2006;94(4):456-458.

Hersey DP. The Future of Access Services: Should There Be One? Journal of Access Services. 2005/04/06 2005;2(4):1-6.

       “The Perioperative Librarian”

        Bi-monthly column presented in Anesthesiology News: The Independent  Monthly Newspaper for Anesthesiology, ( Coauthored with Viji Kurup, M.D.

       “Information at Your Fingertips” 2009 Feb;35(2).

       “Outsourcing Searches: Use of Alert Services” 2008 May:34(5).

       “In Search of Systematic Reviews in Anesthesia” 2008 Feb;34(2).

       “Medline Plus: A Shortcut to Useful Information” 2007 Dec;33(12).

       “Pressed for Time? Master ‘Clinical Queries’ on PubMed” 2007 Oct;33(10).


  • David A. Kronick Traveling Fellowship ($2,000), Medical Library Association, 2013.
  • Electronic Document Delivery Project, ($1,000); National Network of Libraries of Medicine/New England Region; 2003 & 2004.
  • Public Health Information Outreach Grant, “Outreach to Quality Improvement Organizations” ($40,000); National Network of Libraries of Medicine/New England Region; 2005.

Professional Membership:

  • Medical Library Association
  • North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries
  • Connecticut Association of Health Sciences Librarians