Off-Campus Access

Student Loaner Laptops

The Library lends laptop computers for Medical Center student use. Eligible borrower groups include students in the MD, PA, EPH, Nursing and BBS programs on the Medical Campus.  Faculty, staff and students from other programs are not able to use this service.

We offer a mix of Mac and Windows computers.  Slight differences in software and hardware and documented below.

Hardware & Software

  • Five 15" Dell Latitude e6420 laptops (W7-01 to W7-05)
    • Windows 7, MS Office 2010, EndNote X6, Acrobat Professional X, Cisco VPN
  • Seven 15" Dell Latitude e6410 laptops (W7-11 to W7-17)
    • Windows 7, MS Office 2010, EndNote X6, Acrobat Professional X, Cisco VPN
  • Seven 13" Macbook Pro laptops (Mac-01 to Mac-07)
    • Lion OS, MS Office 2011, EndNote X6, Acrobat Professional X, Cisco VPN, iLife, iWorks

Hardware Note: Latitude e6420 model has a Web cam as do the MacBooks.  All models have CD-RW/DVD RW drives.  

How to Check Out a Laptop

A laptop may be checked out of the Library for five days and will be available on a first-come/first served basis through the Circulation Desk of the Medical Library. For fair use, laptops may not be renewed. Loaner laptops are intended to be used on a short-term basis. Once a laptop is returned after a 5-day loan period, a one-day wait period will be applied before another laptop can be loaned out to the same student.

Students will need to complete a quick Student Laptop-Borrower Responsibility Form (SLBRF) (PDF Document, Download Adobe® Reader® ) in order to check out a laptop. This outlines the basic user agreements and policies for borrowing a laptop. For your convenience, you can read and complete this form now and bring it with you. Once an SLBRF is filled out, it is kept on file in the Circulation Office for one month. You will need to complete an SLBRF every time you check out a laptop.

At the time of Checkout and again at the time of Return, the Student and a Library Staff member will check the contents of the laptop bag to ensure that all components are present and/or accounted for.