Digital Library

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Digital Library is a growing collection of digital resources made available on the Web for scholarship. The Medical Digital Library Committee coordinates the library's digitization activities. Its goals include expanding access to the library's unique collections for scholarly research, and life-cycle management of digital objects. The collections are powered by Greenstone digital library software.

Medical Heritage Library Collection 
Medical Instruments and Artifacts 
The Harvey Cushing Photograph Collection 
Books By and About Harvey Cushing 
Harvey Cushing: A Biography, by John F. Fulton 
Yale School of Medicine Bicentennial Collection 
Historical Medical Poster Collection 
Pathology Teaching Collection 
The Yale Medicine Thesis Digital Library Project 
Postcard Collection 
George E. Palade. George E. Palade EM Slide Collection 
Peter Parker's Lam Qua Paintings Collection 
Portrait Engravings Collection