Off-Campus Access


My books are overdue. How much are the late fees? Where do I go to pay them?
How can I check my borrower account information?
Where is the Reference Desk? What hours is it open? Do I need an appointment, or can I just walk in and get help?
The book I want is already charged out. Can I request notification when it is returned?
How do I request an article or book the Medical Library does not own?
Where are the Medical Library bathrooms, and are they wheelchair accessible?
Does the Library have resources for learning Medical Spanish?
Where is the Historical Medical Library?
I just used a bound journal volume or book, and have finished my task. Should I re-shelve the materials, or is there a place to leave them?
How much does it cost to print or copy a page in the library?
I accidentally damaged a book/journal/library material. What do I do, and whom should I tell?
I accidentally lost a book/journal/library material. What do I do? Whom should I tell?
If I am not Yale-affiliated, can I borrow books and obtain copies of articles through Interlibrary Loan?
Do you offer library classes? How can I sign up?
I have to write a paper and I don't know where to begin. Is there someone who can help me get started on my literature search?
I am unable to attend a scheduled class. Can I get instruction one-on-one?
What is the personal librarian program for students?
How do I access a School of Medicine thesis?
Is live help available when I am using library resources on the computer?
Is there a water fountain in the Medical Library?
Is there an ATM in the Medical Library?
Does the library have digital cameras, laptops, or other AV equipment that I can borrow?
Is there a Medical Library lost and found?
Are there study carrels available? Are they reserved, assigned, or first-come, first-serve?
Are there any quiet study rooms or areas available?
Why does the gate alarm go off every time I walk through with books that are already checked out?
Is there a fax machine available?
Is there a bike rack nearby?
Is there shuttle transport to and from the library? What is the schedule?
If I am paged, are there telephones I can use?
Can I use my cell phone in the library?
Can I bring drinks like coffee or water into the library?
Where is the Yale Medical Library?
How do I get to the Medical Library?
What are the library hours?
Is there a specific time that library services stop for the night?
Does the library ever stay open past the regular closing time?
What is the telephone number I can call for information?
Is there a pencil sharpener I can use? Stapler? Hole punch? Scissors? Pencil? Tape?
How can I find out about working for the Library?
I love the Library, but there's something in particular that just rubs me the wrong way. Who should I contact with a complaint or concern?
What is OVID?
Who is eligible to use the Library?
I have all of these great books that I would like to give to the library. Do you accept donations? Who should I contact?
Who can use the Historical Library?
What are the hours of the Historical Library?
What Historical Library books circulate, and for how long?
What do the call numbers for books in the locked stacks mean?
Can I photocopy materials in the Historical Library?
How can I obtain permission to publish illustrations from the Historical Library?
How can I donate books or other materials to the Historical Library?
What E-Journals does the library subscribe to? Do I need a Yale ID number to access them?
Where are recent journals kept?
Where are the bound journals kept?
Can I print more than one item at a time?
How long does printing take?
Do I need to delete things I don't want to print?
Can I print from a wireless laptop or iPad in the Library?
Does the 24-hour Computer Research Lab (CRL) have the same printing system?