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The Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press) is in an online version which enables the full text of the Dictionary to be searched in a way impossible in the printed version, and which allows updates more rapidly and more frequently than ever before. Language is constantly evolving, and there has been a great proliferation of new words and meanings in English throughout the world since the original publication of the OED between 1884 and 1928. Now, for the first time ever, the Dictionary is being completely revised. Every one of the 250,000 entries is being updated, and many more will be added during the course of this unprecedented revision programme, which is expected to double the length of the text. Draft versions of new and revised entries from the revision programme will be added to OED Online at quarterly intervals, with each revised entry being linked to the Second Edition version for comparison. The first batch of new and revised entries contains just over 1000 entries, running from the letter M to the word mahurat.

Other Versions:
BEINECKE, Reference PE1625 ; +O87; 1989
CCL, Reference, Upper Level PE1625 ; +O87; 1989
DIVINITY, Trowbridge Reading Room Oversize PE1625; O87; 1989; (LC)
KLINE, Reference PE1625 O87 1989+
SML, Starr Main Ref Room, Index Case PE1625; +O87; 1989

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