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Community Values

Yale University Library’s (YUL) community values serve as a reminder of our principles.  Underpinning these values is a commitment to the free and respectful interchange of ideas.  We intend for the following values to serve as guiding principles for everything we do.

Values Statement

We, as members of the Yale University Library community, affirm our responsibility and commitment to create and foster a respectful, cooperative, and courteous environment for ourselves and anyone who enters our physical or virtual spaces. We affirm the right of each staff member and library user to utilize these spaces free from harassment or denigration. As members of the YUL community we hold ourselves and each other accountable for abiding by these community values.


We honor our commitments and hold ourselves and each other accountable for them.


We treat people equally well regardless of position or status. We honor individual differences and continually strive to create an environment that is diverse and inclusive, in which each person is valued.


We encourage open communication. We think before we speak, listen carefully, respond respectfully, and acknowledge that everyone’s ideas are worthy of consideration.

Printable version of the YUL Community Values