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Judy Spak, MLS

Assistant Director
Research and Education Services

Judy is the Librarian for:

  • YSM Teaching and Learning Center
  • YSM Office of Education
  • Yale Physician Associate Program
  • Undergraduate Medical Education

As your librarian, Judy can:

  • Help you search for information in any of the Medical Library’s many databases
  • Manage your citations and pdfs and create easy bibliographies
  • Tailor an instruction session for you or your group
  • Take suggestions for new purchases – electronic resources, books, journals, and databases

Contact Judy for assistance with:

  • Creating and refining search strategies to find information in databases such as Medline or Scopus.
  • Medical resources for your mobile device
  • Educational scholarship research 


  • MLS, Southern Connecticut State University, 1996
  • BA, Hofstra University, 1985

Selected Publications:

Spak J, Glover, J. The Personal Librarian Program: An evaluation of a Cushing/Whitney Medical Library outreach initiative. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, Winter 2007, 26 (4): 15-25. dol: 10.1300/J115v26n04_02.

“Quiet Revolution: Evaluating a Personal Librarian Program to Better Meet the Evolving Information Needs of Students” Poster session presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, May 2007, with Jan Glover, MLS, AHIP, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale School of Medicine.

“WebPath: The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education on CD-ROM”. Software review in the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, 88(2), April 2000, pp. 205-207.