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Training & Consultations

Nur consulting with a researcherUpcoming Bioinformatics instruction sessions

Consultation is available (free of charge) to individuals, groups, or teams to address bioinformatics-related research questions and needs. Consultation is mainly provided in-person but less complex questions may be addressed over email or by phone.

Examples of consultation topics are:

  • Analysis of bulk and single-cell ChIP-, ATAC-, RNA-seq, and microarray data using library-licensed bioinformatics tools
  • Discussion of analysis using command line tools and R/Python packages 
  • Enrichment (pathway and network) analysis and visualization of differentially regulated molecules  
  • Finding, retrieving, and using public datasets for cross-referencing research results or hypothesis testing  
  • Identification of appropriate bioinformatics software or databases to answer specific research questions
  • Development or narrowing hypothesis in silico by using existing public omics data and literature
  • Hands-on tutorials on bioinformatics software licensed by the Medical Library

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Contact: Rolando Milian (203-785-6194; rolando.milian@yale.edu) or Nur-Taz Rahman (203-785-7514; nur-taz.rahman@yale.edu)

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