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DOI/Persistent Link Creation Through Yale ITS

10 December 2018 - 8:52am by Sawyer Newman

Did you know that Yale ITS offers a persistent linking service? 

  • Persistent linking is available to anyone in the Yale community with an active NetID at no cost to the requestor.
  • A DOI is a unique identifier that provides a persistent link to an object on the Internet. This persistant linking service can be used to create DOIs. 

Learn more about this service through ITS here

Place a request to create or update a persistant link here.


What are DOIs?

  • DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier, which refers to the digital identifier of an object. Objects in this case can be any entity that is physical, digital, or abstract.
  • DOIs themselves, are alphanumeric strings tied to a metadata description of the object, and a digital location.


What do DOIs do?

  • DOIs provide persistent links to digital objects or information about physical objects that allow for easier data sharing and citation.
  • Where standard URLs might change or break, a DOI is a persistent link that will not change.


What can I assign a DOI to?

  • DOIs can be assigned to anything that has a URL or a specific location on the web.
  • DOIs have been assigned to:
    • Preprints
    • Datasets
    • Journal articles
    • Technical reports
    • Data visualizations (graphs)


Where else can I link a DOI to a dataset?

  • DOIs can be assigned to datasets when they are deposit into data repositories such as figshare, Zenodo, or Dryad.
  • Crossref provides DOIs and curates information (metadata) about its DOI’d objects in order to increase findability.