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It's March Madness at Cushing/Whitney Medical Library!

16 March 2018 - 12:53pm by Caitlin Meyer

Join us March 21st and 22nd for March Madness at Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. 

We'll be offering special classes comparing popular library resources. What tool or database has what it takes to win it all? 

All classes are free and will be held in SHM L 103, also known as the TCC or computer classroom.


Research Impact
Scopus vs Web of Science
Wednesday, March 21st at 1:00PM
Both Scopus and Web of Science offer access to huge amounts of literature, track citations, offer insights into research impact, and cover multiple disciplines. Which tool reigns supreme? Which one does what better?

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Literature Searching
Ovid Medline vs PubMed
Wednesday, March 21st at 4:00 PM
Ovid MEDLINE and PubMed both search the MEDLINE journals - but which interface is better? Which database best suits your needs? Ovid’s search building feature and clean interface make it a strong candidate, but strong enough to beat out PubMed’s legacy and features like automatic term mapping? Join Alexandria Brackett for this showdown and decide for yourself!

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Point of Care Bedlam
UpToDate vs DynaMed Plus 
Thursday, March 22nd at 11:30 AM
During this game (class), we will compare the differences between these two point of care tools. We will assess the validity of the information, the currency of their resources, and the different perks of the two products, including calculators, guidelines, patient education information, and more. Come to this class to help you decide which tool is best for you and your patient care. Refereed by Alexandria Brackett. 

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Citation Management 
EndNote vs Zotero 
Both EndNote and Zotero help you manage your references and PDFs, make the creation of bibliographies a breeze, and integrate into paper-writing software such as Microsoft Word for easy citing while you're writing. Both are free. Which is right for you? Which does what better? Come decide for yourself with a showdown refereed by Caitlin Meyer. 

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