Upcoming Talk: The Gender Gap in Early Career Transitions in the Life Sciences

6 December 2017 - 10:43am by Kate Nyhan

The Gender Gap in early career transitions in the life sciencesSCOPA welcomes librarians, researchers, and students to a forum with Dr. Marc Lerchenmueller. Marc has published in PLoS One and Harvard Business Review on the gender gap in the life sciences, using bibliometric and funding data to investigate the science of science.

“The gender gap in early career transitions in the life sciences” – Marc Lerchenmueller
SHM B145
Thursday, December 14, 9-10AM
Register at http://schedule.yale.edu/event/3789442

And if you're interested in bibliometrics, scientometrics, and altmetrics, read up on it in our collection and consult your medical librarian!