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Resource Spotlight: Ingenuity Variant Analysis

13 August 2018 - 12:19pm by Caitlin Meyer

Welcome to Resource Spotlight! The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library provides access to an incredible array of databases, e-book collections, software and more. In this series of posts, we’ll be showcasing highlights from our collection.

In this edition of Resource Spotlight, we’ll be looking at Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA). IVA is a web-based tool that combines analytical tools and content from the Ingenuity Knowledge Base to help identify disease variants in human sequencing data. 

The product allows you to select multiple samples to analyze together. From there, you can design the forthcoming analysis and add any relevant biological terms to help narrow down the list of variants likely contributing to the disease or phenotype at hand. IVA supports a range of upload formats, including Variant Call Format (VCF), Genome Variation Format (GVF) and Complete Genomics files (Var, MasterVar, High confidence junction, etc.). 

After you have set up your data, IVA lets you interact with the data with a series of customizable filters. Some of the filter types include: biological context, genetic analysis, predicted deleterious, cancer driver, pharmacogenetics, and more. 

Keep an eye on the library’s class calendar for trainings on IVA and all bioinformatics-related software. In the meantime, Qiagen, the company that produces IVA, has produced webinars, tutorials, and guides to help you get started. 

Finally, please note that the library’s license to IVA is for academic and research use only.  Results may not be incorporated into a diagnostic product or service. 

Request an IVA account.

For questions on how to best use IVA, feel free to contact Rolando Garcia-Milian.