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Resource Spotlight: Pharmaprojects

15 December 2017 - 10:05am by Caitlin Meyer

Welcome to Resource Spotlight! The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library provides access to an incredible array of databases, e-book collections, software and more. In this series of posts, we’ll be showcasing highlights from our collection.

In this edition of Resource Spotlight, we’ll be looking at Pharmaprojects. Pharmaprojects is a web-based database of drugs developed worldwide since 1980 and monitoring information on new drugs currently in research and development. 

Pharmaprojects offers a wide range of information and services to researchers at Yale, including: 

  • Information and updates about new drugs as they progress through the commercial pharmaceutical research and development process
  • Tracking information as new drugs are tested in clinical trials 
  • Multiple ways to explore drug development such as by therapeutic class status, disease, company, country, mechanism of action, biological target, delivery route, or chemical structure 
  • Highly customizable automated alerts to follow the status of an individual drugs or diseases
  • Exportable data to manipulate and analyze
  • Individualized research help with the “Ask the Analyst” feature

Pharmaprojects is available to Yale affiliates through the VPN, YNHH affiliates through the proxy server and everybody on the YaleSecure WiFi network. The first time you visit the resource, you’ll need to create an account with your Yale credentials. 

For questions on how to best use Pharmaprojects, feel free to contact Biomedical Sciences Research Support Librarian Rolando Garcia-Milian.