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National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) BioSystems Database

October 28, 2013 - 10:18am by Lynn Sette

A biosystem or biological system is a group of molecules that interact in a biological system. One type of biosystem is a biological pathway, which can consist of interacting genes, proteins, and small molecules. Another type of biosystem is a disease, which can involve components such as genes, biomarkers, and drugs.

The NCBI BioSystems Database was developed to (1) serve as a centralized repository of data; (2) connect the biosystem records with associated literature, molecular, and chemical data throughout NLM’s Entrez system; and (3) facilitate computation on biosystems data. This is a remarkable resource for researchers interested in the biological sciences.

Help is available in 4 areas:

  • Using BioSystems. A great place to get started. The About area provides a nice introduction to the records contained within this database along with some great examples, such as "find the pathways in which a given gene or protein is involved" and "retrieve 3D structures for proteins involved in a biosystem."
  • BioSystem Tools. Features primers on some very powerful statistical tools including FLink, which handles large quantities of input and output data.
  • Other Resources. Includes links to other databases, such as PubChem and BioAssay.
  • NCBI BioSystems Database Help.