Diary Keywords and Themes

Below are the extracts from the diaries for the following keywords:

Aeromedical Research Unit


Carlyle Jacobsen

Charles Sherrington

Derek Denny-Brown

Hsiang-Tung Chang

Dusser de Barenne

Ebbe Hoff

Franklin Robinson

Fulton-Cushing Relationship

Harvey Cushing Biography

Henry Viets

Hodgkin and Huxley

Howard Florey

Jay Winternitz

John Flynn

John P. Peters

Jose Delgado

Joseph McCarthy

Journal of Neurophysiology

Journal of Neurosurgery

Karl Pribram

Larry Kruger

Lobotomy Project

Lorente de No

Louise Eisenhardt

Margaret Kennard

Margaret Lennox

Medical Historical Library

Moniz, Freeman, Watts

Pat Liddell

Patrick Wall

Paul MacLean


Physiology of the Nervous System

Robert (Bob) Livingston

Robert Boyle Bibliography

Sterling Professor of the History of Medicine

Warren McCulloch

Watson and Crick

William Osler