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Guidelines for Events in the Medical Historical Library

The Medical Historical Library reading room is an attractive study space with comfortable seating, large tables, and a circulating book collection spanning the shelves of the main floor and mezzanine. Staff for Historical Library and the Program in the History of Science and Medicine provide extensive services to history of medicine scholars. In short, it is a “working” reading room.

Although events have been held in the Historical Library since it was built, the Historical Library is not a function room that can be “booked” in the manner of the Beaumont Room. Events in the Historical Library are restricted to certain categories to avoid frequent disruption to library patrons and staff, and damage to the Historical Library and the collections.


Types of events that may be considered

  • Functions of the Dean of the Medical School, organized by the Dean‛s Office or the Office of Development
  • Receptions honoring special achievement, e.g. Nobel Prize, induction into Institute of Medicine, etc.
  • National conference receptions organized by Medical Center faculty
  • Library-sponsored lectures and events
  • History of Medicine and Beaumont Club sponsored lectures
  • Memorial services for long time faculty
  • Students' Service of Gratitude
  • Reunion Weekend events sponsored by the Office for Alumni Affairs

Student and faculty requests for filming and photo shoots will be taken on a case by case basis. Three business days advance notice is required. Scope of the project, length of filming, and availability of the room will be taken into account before permission is granted.

Functions that are inappropriate for the Historical Library

  • Departmental level receptions
  • Retirement parties
  • Functions involving sit-down meals
  • Private functions
  • Meetings of any kind

All requests for use of the Historical Library must be submitted using this online form to the Medical Library Administration Office. You will receive confirmation/denial within 2-3 business days.  

Phone: 203-785-5352, Email: historical.library@yale.edu


It is a privilege to use the Historical Library for an event. We ask that these General Procedures be respected for every event:

  1. Event size is limited to 100 people with lecture style seating, or 130 people for a standing reception.
  2. With the exception of special announcements by the Dean, set up for the event must not begin before 3:00pm.
  3. It is mandatory that a representative from your department be present to supervise the event from beginning of setup to end of cleanup. 
  4. Please account for setup and cleanup time in your reservation request and coordinate these times with your vendors. No set up is allowed before your reservation time.
  5. The Historical Library must be clean and returned to normal by the end of your reservation time.
  6. Removal of furniture from the Historical Library is not allowed. Alarmed display cases cannot be moved.
  7. Administrative staff from History of Medicine or the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library should not be asked to meet, clean up, or run interference in any way. Library and History of Medicine personnel are not available to assist with functions and must be able to move through the Historical Library at all times of your reservation.
  8. The individual overseeing the event is responsible for arranging and paying for services as needed (e.g. custodial services, rental services, security, catering, etc.) and ensuring that all vendors also follow these guidelines.
  9. Custodial Services must be contacted to move tables with a two-man team, supply waste cans, clean up after the event etc. as needed. Under no circumstances should the caterer or department personnel move any of the furniture.
  10. Only blue painter’s tape may be used to secure electrical equipment.
  11. Any catering must be provided by an approved caterer, although we are open to suggestions. Even though the approved caterers should be aware of our policies, it is your responsibility to make sure that the caterer follows the policies that apply to your event.
    1. If you are planning on serving any alcoholic beverage(s) you must use a licensed TIPS certified bartender. This is a University policy.
    2. No fires are allowed except for sterno cans. Cooking and candles are not allowed anywhere in the library.
    3. All tables used for serving food and beverages must be covered with heavy gauge plastic and a top cloth. All tables not being used for food service must also be covered with cloths to protect them.
    4. If a staging area for catering is needed, please contact Katie Hart to book the Simbonis Conference Room (room 101A) for this purpose. No staging may take place in the hallways or in the rotunda. All tables used must be covered with heavy gauge plastic and a top cloth.
    5. Food, serving utensils, and waste must be removed immediately after a reception. No food, dirty dishes, or trash are to remain after your reservation time has ended.
  12. Damage to the room or contents will be charged the going rate for repair to the provided COA and your department will not be considered for future reservations of the Historical Library.


For these reasons we ask for a Chart of Accounts (COA) before the event is booked. Failure to adhere to these Guidelines will jeopardize your ability to reserve the Medical Historical Library for future events. While there is no charge for using the room, if the guidelines and procedures are not followed, the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library reserves the right to charge your COA for any costs incurred due to damages, custodial costs, etc. from your event. The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library has the right to deny any request for any reason, or to cancel a reservation at any time.


Approved Caterers:

Other Approved Service providers:

  • Security to obtain access to building/room and to provide security when needed: 203-785-5555
  • Custodial Services to move tables with a two-man team, supply waste cans, clean up after the event, etc.: 203-432-6888 or http://java.facilities.yale.edu/fwr/
  • Audio Visual Support to supply audio support, video/computer display presentation aids, etc.: 203-432-2650 classroom.support@yale.edu


This form must be filled out in its entirety, submitted, and approved before a reservation will be considered.  The Administrative Office will contact you to confirm or deny your request.