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Manuscript Collections of Yale Faculty

Manuscript Collections of Yale Faculty in Medicine, Nursing and Public Health Held by Manuscripts & Archives

This is a partial listing of manuscript collections of Yale medical, nursing and public health faculty located at Manuscripts & Archives, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University. The links connect to the records for the manuscripts collections on ORBIS, the Yale online catalog. Click on the button for "Long View" to obtain the maximum information. In most cases, the papers will be stored offsite at the Library Shelving Facility and must be called over to Manuscripts & Archives. To arrange to consult a collection, write to mssa.assist@yale.edu and obtain a copy of the finding aid so that you will be able to inform Manuscripts & Archives a day ahead of time which boxes you will be using.

Altman, Sidney, b. 1939, physics and biophysics

Amatruda, Catherine Strunk, b. 1903, pediatrics and child study

Bayne-Jones, Stanhope, 1888-1970, public health and dean

   Stanhope Bayne-Jones papers, 1935-1972

Berliner, Robert W., b. 1915, physiology and dean

   Yale University School of Medicine Dean Robert W. Berliner's records, 1954-1982

Blake, Francis Gilman, 1887-1952, internal medicine and dean

   Francis Gilman Blake papers, 1908-1950

Bouhuys, Arend, b. 1925, physiology

   Arend Bouhuys papers, 1951-1979

Bronson, Stephen Henry, 1844-1880, physician and founder of the New Haven Dispensary

   Stephen Henry Bronson papers, 1827-1881

Canfield, Norton, b. 1903, otolaryngologist (hearing and speech)

   Norton Canfield papers, 1933-1974

Carmalt, William Henry, 1836-1929, surgery

   William Henry Carmalt papers, 1838-1929

Chittenden, Russell Henry, 1856-1943, physiological chemistry

   Russell Henry Chittenden papers, 1870-1945

Cohart, Edward Maurice, b. 1909, public health

   Edward Maurice Cohart papers, 1936-1978

Cushing, Harvey, 1869-1939, neurosurgery and neurology

   Harvey Williams Cushing papers

Darling, George B., 1905-1995, public health and administration

   George B. Darling papers, 1805-1995

Dobihal, Edward F., b. 1927, hospital chaplain and director religious ministries

   Edward F. Dobihal, Jr. papers, 1965-1994

Ebbert, Arthur, associate dean

   Arthur Ebbert papers, 1917-1990

Falk, Isidore Sydney, b. 1899, public health

   Isidore Sydney Falk papers, 1918-1984

Fisher, Irving, 1867-1947, public health

   Irving Fisher papers, 1861-1976

Flint, Joseph Marshall, b. 1872, military medicine and mobile hospitals

   Joseph Marshall Flint papers, 1910-1929

Foote, Franklin Manley, b. 1908, commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Health

   Franklin Manley Foote papers, 1935-1972

Fruton, Joseph Stewart, b. 1912, biochemistry

   Joseph Stewart Fruton papers, 1919-2002

Fry, Clements Collard, 1892-1955, psychiatry

   Clements Collard Fry papers, 1771-1960

Fulton, John Farquhar, 1899-1960, physiology and history of medicine

   John Farquhar Fulton papers, 1892-1988

Glenn, William W. L., b. 1914, cardiovascular surgery

   William W. L. Glenn papers, 1959-1993

Goldmann, Franz, 1895-1970, public health

   Franz Goldmann papers, 1939-1968

Goodrich, Annie Warburton, 1866-1954, dean of nursing

   Annie Warburton Goodrich papers, 1876-1952

Greenburg, Leonard, b. 1892, public health and industrial hygiene

   Leonard C. Greenburg papers, 1911-1946

Harrison, Ross Granville, 1870-1959, anatomy

   Ross Granville Harrison papers, 1820-1975

Harvey, Samuel Clark, 1866-1953, surgery

   Samuel Clark Harvey papers, 1796-1953

Hiscock, Ira Vaughan, b. 1892, public health

   Ira Vaughan Hiscock papers, 1918-1979

Horstmann, Dorothy Millicent, 1911-2001, epidemiology

   Dorothy M. Horstmann papers, 1946-1995

Jackson, Edith Banfield, pediatrics

   Edith Banfield Jackson papers, 1947-1953

Jonsen, Albert Rupert, b. 1931, medical ethics

   Albert Rupert Jonsen papers, 1989-1994

Lavietes, Paul Harold, b. 1907, internal medicine physician and journal editor

   Paul Harold Lavietes papers, 1937-1987

Lidz, Theodore, b. 1910, educator and psychiatrist

   Theodore Lidz papers, 1936-1991

Levitin, Howard, internal medicine and associate dean

   Records of Howard Levitin as associate dean of the School of Medcine, Yale University, 1959-1986

Lippard, Vernon W., b. 1905, dean

   Yale University School of Medicine Dean Vernon W. Lippard's records, 1940-1976

Lidz, Theordore, 1910-2001, and Lidz, Ruth, 1910-1995, psychiatry

   Theodore and Ruth Lidz papers, 1927-2001

Long, Cyril N. H., b. 1901, biochemistry, physiology, and dean

   Yale University School of Medicine Dean Cyril N. H. Long's records, 1946-1952

Mendel, Lafayette Benedict, 1872-1935, physiological chemistry

   Lafayette Benedict Mendel papers, 1879-1941

Paul, John Rodman, 1893-1971, epidemiology

   John Rodman Paul papers, 1920-1971

Peters, John Punnett, 1887-1955, internal medicine

   Martin Allen Pond papers, 1935-1982

Powers, Grover, b. 1887, prediatrics

   Grover Francis Powers Papers, 1920-1966

Provence, Sally, 1916-1993, child study

   Sally Provence papers, 1951-1991

Prudden, Theophil Mitchell, 1849-1924, pathology and medical research pioneer

   Theophil Mitchell Prudden papers, 1872-1925

Rettger, Leo Frederick, 1874-1954, professor and chairman of the Department of Bacteriology

   Leo Frederick Rettger papers, 1921-1942

Rosen, George, 1910-1977, history of medicine

   George Rosen papers, 1912-1978

Sigerist, Henry Ernest, 1891-1957, history of medicine

   Henry Ernest Sigerist papers, 1891-1991

Silver, George A., public health

   George A. Silver papers, 1955-1979

Snoke, Albert Waldo, 1907-1988, hospital administration

   Albert Waldo Snoke papers, 1861-1988

Stanton, Madeline Earle, 1898-1980, historical librarian

   Madeline Earle Stanton papers, 1911-1983

Thompson, John D., b. 1917, public health, hospital administration

   John Devereaux Thompson papers, 1931-1992

Thomson, Elizabeth Harriet, 1907-1991, history of medicine

   Elizabeth Harriet Thomson papers, 1945-1990

Underhill, Frank Pell, 1877-1932, experimental medicine, pharmacology and toxicology

   Frank Pell Underhill papers, 1899-1932

Viseltear, Arthur Jack, 1938-1990, public health, history of medicine

   Arthur Jack Viseltear papers, 1953-1990

Wald, Florence Schorske, b. 1917, dean of nursing

   Florence and Henry Wald papers, 1955-2001

Weinerman, Edwin Richard, 1917-1970, physician, public health and hospital administrator

   Edwin Richard Weinerman papers, 1908-1970

Winslow, Charles-Edward Amory, 1877-1957, public health

   Charles-Edward Amory Winslow papers, 1874-1977

Winternitz, Milton Charles, 1885-1959, pathology and dean

   Milton Charles Winternitz papers, 1898-1959

Yerkes, Robert Mearns, 1876-1956, psychology

   Robert Mearns Yerkes papers, 1822-1985

   Sidney Altman papers, ca. 1967-1994
   Catherine Strunk Amatruda papers, 1929-1983