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Bibliography of Yale Medical History

This bibliography was prepared from entries in PubMED, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, and from other articles that have come to the attention of the compiler. The current listing no doubt has many important omissions. Part I lists a few basic sources on the history of the medical, nursing, and public health schools. Part II contains published obituaries or other biographical information on individuals, most of whom were Yale faculty members. With a few exceptions, articles on the careers of Yale medical graduates whose careers were elsewhere are out of scope for this bibliography unless the books or articles contain significant information about their Yale experience. Part III, arranged by author, contains other types of articles including some department histories. Suggestions of additional articles are very welcome.

I. General

  • Burrow, Gerard N. A History of Yale’s School of Medicine: Passing Torches to Others. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2002.
  • Falvey, Kerry L. Medicine at Yale : the first 200 years; with essays by Thomas P. Duffy, Sherwin B. Nuland and John Harley Warner ; and commentaries by Richard Belitsky ... [et al.].  New Haven, Conn. : Yale University in association with Yale University Press, c2010.

II. Biographical by Subject of Biography

Amatruda, Catherine Strunk, 1903-1949

  • Gesell, Arnold. “Catharine S. Amatruda, M.D. 1903-1949,” Connecticut State Medical Journal, 13 (November 1949): 1103-1104.

Atwater, Wilbur O., 1844-1907

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  • Carpenter, Kenneth J. "The 1993 W.O. Atwater Centennial Memorial Lecture: The life and times of W.O. Atwater (1844-1907)," Journal of Nutrition 1994, 124 (9 Suppl): 1707S-1714S.

Baue, Arthur E.

  • Longo, W. E. "A tale of two cities: the Yale Surgical Society's tribute to Arthur E. Baue, MD.," Arch Surg. 2008 May;143(5):495-496.

Bayne-Jones, Stanhope, 1888-1970.

  • Cowdrey, Albert E. War and Healing: Stanhope Bayne-Jones and the Maturing of American Medicine. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1992.
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Beeson, Paul

  • "Changing times: reflections on a professional lifetime: an interview with Paul Beeson." Interview by Richard B. Lee. Annals of Internal Medicine 132(1) (2000): 71-79.
  • Kaufman, Sharon R. The Healer's Tale: Transforming Medicine and Culture. Life Course Studies. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1993. [Reflections by seven subjects, among them Paul Beeson].
  • Rapport, Richard, M.D. Physician : the life of Paul Beeson. Fort Lee, N.J. : Barricade Books, Inc., c2001.

Blake, Francis Gilman, 1887-1952

  • Francis Gilman Blake Number, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 24(6) (June 1952) including John R. Paul, “Francis Gilman Blake, 1887-1952,” 435-441, plus portrait; Curriculum Vitae, pp. 442-443, and “Bibliography of Francis Gilman Blake,” pp. 444-449; Addresses Delivered at Memorial Exercises for Francis Gilman Blake on June 15, 1952 in the Historical Library,” pp. 568-576; and Francis Gilman Blake Award, p. 577.

Bove, Joseph R.

  • Joseph R. Bove, MD: Autobiography, Transfusion medicine reviews, 20 (2006): 169-171.

Bondy, Philip K.

  • “The Philip K. Bondy Symposium: Recent Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Yale University School of Medicine, May 5, 1989,” Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 62(5) (Sept.-Oct. 1989): 415-547, including portrait; Elisha Atkins, “Philip K. Bondy: An Appreciation,” pp. 417-419; and “Bibliography Philip K. Bondy, M.D.,” pp. 421-426.

Blumer, George, 1872-1962.

  • Blumer, George. "Reminiscences of an Old-Time Doctor." Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 28(1) (September 1955): 1-28.

Burr, Harold Saxton

  • H[ooker], D[avenport]. "Harold Saxton Burr," Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 30(3) (Dec. 1957): 161-167. [Includes portrait and bibliography].

Carmalt, William Henry, 1836-1929.

  • Harvey, Samuel C. "William Henry Carmalt," Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics 54 (1932): 254-255 plus portrait.
  • Lane, John E. “William Henry Carmalt,” Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 2(2) (1929): 1-25 plus portrait. Includes bibliography of writings of Carmalt.

Chittenden, Russell Henry, 1856-1943.

  • Cowgill, George R. “Russell Henry Chittenden,” Science 99 (1944): 116-118.
  • Hoffman, Joseph F. “Russell Henry Chittenden,” The Physiologist 30(4) (1987): 81-82.

Downs, Wilbur G.

  • Hutter, Randi. "Dr. Wilbur G. Downs: Crusader Against Malaria. M.D." Thesis, Yale School of Medicine, 1990.

Dusser de Barenne, J.C., 1885-1940

  • Fulton, John F. "Dusser de Barenne, Joannes Gregorius," Dictionary of American Biography, Supp. 2.: 161-162.
  • Fulton, John. F. and Ralph W. Gerard,," J.G. Dusser de Barenne, 1885-1940," Journal of Neurophysiology 3 (July 1940): 283-292. Includes portrait facing p. 283 and bibliography of Dusser de Barenne's works.
  • McCulloch, W.S. "Joannes Gregorius Dusser de Barenne (1885-1940)," Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine, 12 (6): (July, 1940): 743-746. Includes portrait facing p. 743

Eisenhardt, Louise, 1891-1967

  • Davey, Lycurgus M. "Louise Eisenhardt, M.D.: first editor of the Journal of Neurosurgery (1944- 1965)," Journal of Neurosurgery, 80 (1994): 342-346.
  • Gorman, William J. "Dr. Louise Eisenhardt," Journal of Neurosurgery, 26 (1967): 285-288.

Eliot, Martha, 1891-1978

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  • Levine, Deborah."I Haven't Time to Write": Martha M. Eliot and American Medical Education Reform," Ann. Intern. Med. 2016 Nov 15;165(10):723-728.

Falk, I. S. (Isidore Sydney), 1899-1984

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Fassanella, Rocko M.

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Ferris, Harry Burr, 1865-1940

  • Hooker, Davenport. "Harry Burr Ferris, M.D., 1865-1940," Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 13 (1940-41): 285-292. [Includes portrait and bibliography].

Flint, Joseph Marshall, 1872-1944

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Forbes, Thomas R., 1911-1988

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Fruton, Joseph S, 1912-2007

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Fulton, John F., 1899-1960

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Gesell, Arnold, 1880-1961

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Giebisch, Gerhard H.

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Glaser, Gilbert

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Goldmann, Franz, 1895-1970

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Goodrich, Annie, 1866-1954

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Haggard, Howard Wilcox, 1891-1959

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Hardy, James Daniel

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Harvey, Samuel Clark, 1886-1953

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Hess, Orvan

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Hooker, Charles, 1799-1863

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Hooker, Worthington, 1806-1867

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Ives, Eli, 1779-1861

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Jackson, Edith B., 1895-1977

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Janeway, Charles A., Jr.

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Jewett, Pliny A., 1816-1884

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Katz, Jay

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Kennard, Margaret Alice

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Kitahata, Luke Masahiko

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Knight, Jonathan, 1789-1864

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