Images of individuals

The Library holds thousands of prints and photographs of individuals. The collection is especially rich in prints of pre-1900 individuals and in 20th century photographs of individuals associated with Yale. Please see our Digitized Collections.

Other categories of images

We have photographs related to Yale School of Medicine including graduation photographs, members of departments, buildings, laboratories, and surgical operations.

Many rare books have reproducible illustrations. The library is especially rich in the works of the great artists/anatomists.

How to obtain copies of images

Photographs or scans can be made of any of these illustrative materials in our collection. We will bill the patron for the cost of making and sending a copy of the image. The fee for obtaining a publishable image file from our CWML Digital Library is $15 per new image, and $7 for an existing image. This fee payable by check to "Yale University" or by using our Charge Card Form. There is a separate pdf form for "permission to publish" these images which can be downloaded.

Because the staff is small, we are unable to undertake large or rush orders or to do photo research for patrons.

Application to Publish Facsimile Reproductions

Fees Charge Card Form