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Bioinformatic Analysis Support during COVID-19

March 15, 2020 - 3:16pm by Nur-Taz Rahman

As you are likely aware, the recent global spread of the COVID-19 virus is causing disruptions in schedules, conferences, meetings etc. The Bioinformatics Support Program at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library is no exception and we are moving almost all our services online. Below is a concise guidance on how you can continue working with us for your bioinformatics questions and analysis needs.

  • Consultations: Please reach out to us for consultations as usual, through email (nur-taz.rahman@yale.edu; rolando.milian@yale.edu) All consultations will be held online through Zoom (free for Yale affiliates), a platform that we have been using successfully for remote consultations.

For Zoom consultations you will need functional speakers and microphone, or a headphone. If the computer/external audio does not work, cell phones can be used to call in and connect to the audio. So please make sure your cell phone is fully charged. When we agree on a time to meet, we will send you the link to connect to the meeting. 

  • Bioinformatics Office Hours: We will continue to hold weekly office hours, usually Thursdays from 11am-1pm. If the timing is changed or the office hours are cancelled, it will be reflected in the schedule here: https://library.medicine.yale.edu/classes

Office hours will be held on Zoom as well, and the link to each meeting will be provided via the link above. If you want to "drop-in" during the office hours, you will click the Zoom link, which will take you to a virtual "waiting area." Meeting will start when we will "accept" you into the meeting, so that we can work with you. This is to make sure we can give attention on a one-on-one basis. If you find yourself in the waiting area for too long, know that we are busy helping someone else at that time. We appreciate your patience.

  • Software Access: Access to our free bioinformatics software (e.g. Ingenuity Pahway Analysis, MetaCore, Partek Flow) here: https://library.medicine.yale.edu/bioinformatics/software/ As always, we are available to troubleshoot issues with you over email or virtual consultations. New users should feel free to register for and request access to any of the software we provide.
  • Training & Collaborations: Until further notice, our training sessions will be hosted online through Zoom. We will make attendees aware of the Zoom link and other helpful resources as early as possible. However, to keep yourself aware of any developments, please make sure to REGISTER for any training of interest here: https://library.medicine.yale.edu/classes . This helps us to make sure that we email you the updates. For training-specific updates we will not email everybody in our mailing lists.
    We will continue our existing and future collaborations as usual, except that meetings and discussions will all take place virtually. Please email us if you have any questions/concerns. 

We will do our best to support your bioinformatics analysis questions and needs. You can reach us at nur-taz.rahman@yale.edu and rolando.milian@yale.edu.

You can receive monthly updates on classes, new software and services here:  https://subscribe.yale.edu/browse?search=bioinformatics  

Wishing you all good health,
Nur & Rolando