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Call for Submissions: Discovering the Beauty of OMICS Data

March 5, 2020 - 10:46am by Nur-Taz Rahman

You may not consider yourself an artist, however, there are times when research and experiments in OMICS lead to incredibly beautiful visual results. To celebrate National DNA day (April 25, 2020) we invite all biomedical researchers at Yale to participate in “Discovering the Beauty of OMICS Data” by submitting up to two of your favorite images. Please share the visual results of your work – where science crosses over to art.
3 winners will be awarded a 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
Contest Deadline
April 15th - 11:59pm
Winners will be notified April 25, 2020
Image Details: 
Image dimensions: 1920px wide X 1080px high
Image size: At least 1MB
Yale affiliates including, students, postdocs, faculty, assistants, physicians, etc. working in scientific and biomedical research.
Rules of Submission
1. Individuals may submit up to 2 images.
2. The submitter must have been involved in the generation of the images and must obtain permission for its use in this contest from any colleagues who also participated. Acknowledgement of collaborators can be credited in the written description.
3. Images must be submitted electronically.
4. Prizes will be judged on aesthetics, originality, and composition.
For questions, contact Nur-Taz Rahman at nur-taz.rahman@yale.edu