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Medical Librarians at NAHSL 2019

November 11, 2019 - 2:01pm by Dana Haugh

On Friday 11/8, CWML staff members attended the North Atlantic Health Science Libraries (NAHSL) Annual Conference in Springfield, MA. NAHSL is a regional chapter of the Medical Library Association, comprising medical librarians in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine. The one-day conference featured presentations and posters by eight staff members from CWML.

 Presentations included:

Creating an Instruction Community of Practice: Logistics, Lesson Plans, and Lessons Learned by Caitlin Meyer

Design Basics for Creating Better Visuals by Dana Haugh

Fine-tuning a Medical Library's Bioinformatics Support Program to Address the Data Challenges of Biomedical Researchers in the Age of Omics and Precision Medicine by Nur-Taz Rahman

All Aboard! Outreach Initiatives by a Clinical Library Team by Alexandria Brackett, Katherine Stemmer Frumento, Janene Batten, Melissa Funaro, and Alyssa Grimshaw

Taking the Long Road: Keeping Track of Searches to Improve a Mediated Search Service by Melissa Funaro, Katherine Stemmer Frumento, Janene Batten, Alexandria Brackett, and Alyssa Grimshaw

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