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Track drugs from bench to patient with Pharmaprojects

January 10, 2017 - 4:28pm by Andy Hickner

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library has recently licensed Pharmaprojects from Informa PLC.  Pharmaprojects lets researchers track the progress of drugs from bench to patient by exploring drug development by global and country development status, and therapeutic class status.

This database covers the progress of new drug candidates as they enter commercial pharmaceutical research and development programs, and tracks their progress from early preclinical development right up to market launch, or to discontinuation if a drug fails at any stage.

Researchers can search drugs by chemical structure and other chemical attributes such as molecular weight or logP, or search by biological targets of the drugs.  Besides searching the database, users can export data and set up alerts.

Training on how to use this resource is coming soon.

Please contact Rolando Milian for questions or comments on this database.