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Delivery of materials to West Campus

Print Book delivery service is available from Yale University libraries. Books should be delivered to West Campus within 2 days, except for weekends. It’s easy, here’s how:

  1. Locate the material in our library online catalog, Orbis
  2. Click the “Request Recall or Delivery” option listed below the Holdings Location
  3. Log in (if you are not already)
  4. Select “Staff Search or Delivery”
  5. Change “Pick up at” to either “West Campus” or “Yale School of Nursing” (for YSN community only) as a delivery location. 
  6. Then click “Submit”

Requestors will receive an email notification when the book arrives, or an explanation regarding the inability to fill the request. Responses to unfilled requests will provide information about other service options for acquiring the material needed.

To return borrowed items, books may be placed in any of the convenient library return drop boxes located on the West Campus.