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Facilities for Learning & Teaching

The Conn Center (TCC)

The library's electronic classroom is located in the library’s foyer, across from the circulation desk. A state of the art computer classroom, it contains 10 workstations and a wired teaching podium. The overhead projection unit can be connected to a laptop at the podium or one of the student workstations. The classroom also contains a large white board.

Public Computing Facilities in the Medical Library

Information Room

The Information Room on the first floor of the library is a 51-station cluster, containing both Windows and Macintosh research workstations. Eighteen windows and six Mac computers are designated as "productivity" workstations and contain additional software such as Microsoft Office and EndNote. These productivity workstations require a Yale Med Center Net ID to log on. Computers in the Information Room are available during regular library hours.

24/7 Room

The 24/7 Room is located in the basement of the library. This 20-station computer cluster contains Windows and Macintosh workstations. The 24/7 Room is open 24-hours to those who possess a valid Medical Center ID card. In addition to access to the Internet and the library's resources, users can also access personal productivity software, such as MS Office and EndNote, and the Library's licensed specialty bioinformatics resources (on selected machines).

The Library offers two scanning stations at the 24/7 Room Digital Imaging Center. One scanner is attached to a Dell GX260 running Windows 2000 Professional. The other is attached to an Apple Power Mac G5 running OS X.3.  

This space also features soft seating and height-adjustable tables.  

Click here for more details about hardware and software available on library computers.

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