Artist/Activist Sue Coe describes her HIV-AIDS drawings during a visit to Yale University

24 October 2016 - 3:55pm by Andy Hickner

(by Susan Wheeler)

Mary (and Sue) from Cushing/Whitney Medical Library on Vimeo.

Sue Coe came to Yale for the opening of “The AIDS Suite, HIV-Positive Women in Prison and other works by artist/activist Sue Coe” on September 15 and gave an impromptu discussion of her drawings on display at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. 

The exhibit, on view through January 18, introduces seven large drawings by Sue Coe selected from among thirteen drawings acquired by the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library in 2015. These new works related to The AIDS Suite, 1994, are exhibited with prints by the artist which were acquired over the last decade.  Previously acquired drawings from the series Through Her Own Eyes on HIV-positive women in prison, 2006, are also on view.  

Sue Coe is considered one of the foremost political artists working today. Her graphic work has been published in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone and is in the permanent collections of major museums such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and Whitney Museum of American Art. 

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