Using Your Laptop or WiFi Mobile Device in the Library and Medical Center

Network connections and wireless access points for laptops are available in the Medical Library. Wireless access is also available in most locations through the Medical Center campus and on Yale's central campus. All wired computers network adapters must be registered with ITS (Yale Information Technology Services) before they will work on the university network.  Some WiFi options require registration while others do not.

Wired Network Access

Wired Ethernet jacks are available in several locations within the Medical Library. Two carrels in the Morse Reading Room and three locations in the Information Room have live ethernet connections. They are easily identified by the Ethernet cables in these locations. Wired connections provide faster connectivity than wireless and users who want to transfer large amounts of data may notice better speed and performance on a wired connection.

Who is Eligible to Register a Device?

  • Students may self-register their network devices on the Network Registration page. This may be optional for some WiFi connections but all devices using a wired connection MUST be registered.
    • Students are encouraged to register all devices (wired, wireless, WiFi-enabled handheld mobile devices and game systems)

    Faculty and Staff (including Residents & Fellows) may use the wired jacks only if their laptop's ethernet port is registered for use on the Yale network. Wireless adapters can also be registered with ITS but this is not necessary in most cases. See Wireless Networking at Yale for information on registering faculty or staff devices for use on the Yale wireless network.

    Medical School students needing assistance should go to the our ITS partners Computer Service Center. The CSC is located on the lower level of the Medical Library.
    Yale School of Nursing Students should contact the ITS Help Desk at 785-3200 or staff located in the School of Nursing: Neal Greene in the YSN AV office (, (203) 785-2392).  

Wireless Network Access

All areas of the Medical Library have excellent wireless coverage.  The preferred network is YaleSecure. It provides an encrypted, secure connection.  YaleSecure requires an Yale NetID for access.  If you have trouble configuring your WiFi to use YaleSecure,  ITS has an online configuration tool which you may find easier.

YaleGuest Network - The Yale University Guest Wireless Network provides a limited wireless data network for guests of the university. It allows access to a segregated portion of the unversity's wireless network and does not provide access to Yale University licensed content. YaleGuest is an insecure network (open and unencrypted) and should not be used by members of the University community.

Consult the ITS Wireless-Wifi@Yale page for additional details

Printing to the Library's Printers

You can configure your computer to print to the Medical Library's BluePrint system.  Follow these instructions to configure your computer for the UniPrint system:

Mobile Devices (Smartphones, iPads, etc.)

Mobile Devices with WiFi capability may be used on the Yale wireless network. As with laptop computers, the easiest and best way to connect is to use the YaleSecure network.  More details about using a handheld mobile device on the network are available on the Medical Library's Web-based Resources on your Mobile Device page.