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Cushing Center Tours

17 May 2011 - 7:56am by Lynn Sette

Have you visited The Cushing Center in the Medical Library yet?

There is much to see and discover in the Cushing Center so we invite you to explore.  Each week we offer two tours: Thursday at 2:00 and Friday at 10:00. The tour lasts about one hour.  There is no need to sign up, just come to the Cushing Center. Take the stairway on the right from the Information Room.

The Cushing Center is arguably as unique as the collection itself.  Named for 1891 Yale College graduate, Harvey Cushing, M.D., the father of modern neurosurgery, the Cushing Center houses more than the 400 jars of patients’ brains and tumors; it also houses a selection from Cushing’s book collection—thousands of first and second editions of every major medical and scientific text from the 11th century through the 18th—and a few of the many books penned by Cushing himself. A body of work whose artistic significance rivals its medical and historic significance, the exhibit also includes Cushing’s skillful surgical illustrations and dramatic black and white portraits of his patients.

In addition to the specimens on display, take time to view the videos, browse the books, open the drawers beneath the exhibit cases, light up the cases to get a better view of some of Dr. Cushing’s most prized books and manuscripts, and fold out the large poster display doors to view reproductions of Cushing’s own artwork, and more.