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Free Trial to MedOne Plastic Surgery!

23 July 2018 - 9:23am by Lindsay Barnett

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library is hosting a free trial to MedOne Plastic Surgery!  The trial will run through August 31, 2018.  An App is available for iOS and Android operating systems; search for MedOne App in the respective app stores.

Access the trial here

This trial includes comprehensive access to Thieme’s complete portfolio in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery:

  • Thieme’s entire E-Book library of 150 books including CORE TEXTS for residency programs
  • Essentials of Plastic Surgery by J. Janis and Essentials of Aesthetic Surgery by. J. Janis
  • Surgical procedures providing step-by-step instruction on core techniques and approaches
  • Learn from the Master series of videos providing training on cutting-edge techniques
  • More than 50,000 images for download and use in other applications
  • Training Center, interactive Q&A bank for board exam prep
  • MedOne App available for Android and iOS devices

Let us know what you think!  Contact Lindsay Barnett with feedback.