Data Support Groups


What are Data Support Groups?

These listings are Yale departments or teams available to help you with different aspects of your research. You can find more information about these groups and what they do, by clicking their hyperlinked name.

What kinds of support groups are available?

The groups listed may be an authority in a given topic, provide a specific technology, host instruction sessions or workshops, provide access to data sets, or assist with research analysis.

Office of Cooperative Research

The Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) handles questions about patents at Yale.

Core Research Facilities

Yale’s Core Research Facilities provide Yale researchers access to state of the art scientific instrumentation with the intent to keep Yale’s scientific research at the cutting edge.  Each Core employs highly trained staff that may provide training and assistance with use of instrumentation as well as aid in experimental design.

Resource categories include:

  • Animal technology

  • Bioinformatics, bio-statistics and computing

  • Cell & tissue based technologies

  • Genomics & proteomics

Provides information and guidance on the policies and procedures related to HIPAA compliance at Yale University.

JDAT handles clinical and research analytics and reporting across the health system and the School of Medicine; the JDAT team also centralizes and coordinates all data analytics and supports Helix, Yale’s customized data warehouse system

  • Cohort population counts for study feasibility

  • Statistics to support grant applications

  • Medical record information for retrospective review

  • Custom Epic EHR data extracts for analysis

  • Report development

  • Provides research data from Helix

Provides assistance to researchers in obtaining and managing sponsored awards that support scholarly activities. Areas include:

A University-wide group that helps you and your research group throughout the data lifecycle. RDSS brings together specialists from around campus who consult with researchers and labs on their data management needs.

  • Consultations in data management plan writing, data cleaning, data storage, and more  

Works with teachers, learners, and researchers at Yale University to support data analysis through walk-in help, workshops, curricular support, project support, and computing resources. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • R


  • Python

  • Qualtrics

  • LaTeX

  • SPSS

  • Stata

YCAS is a center for collaborative science that brings together existing academic strengths in biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics, health policy, health services and big data research at Yale

  • Design, conduct and analysis of health studies

  • Design, conduct and analysis of methodological development

  • Design, conduct and analysis of education and training

YCCI is an administrative home for the CTSA and hub for clinical and translational research at Yale. Service categories include:

  • Biostatistics
  • Study registeration and support in
  • Database development
  • Access to Epic EHR data (through the Joint Data Analytics Team)
  • Study closure and dissemination
  • Biomedical informatics and statistics
  • Survey support
  • Specimen tracking
  • Data Management, acquisition, handling, storage and retreval

The Yale Center for Genome Analysis is a full-service facility dedicated to providing RNA expression profiling, DNA genotyping, and high-throughput sequencing using state of the art technologies. The resource is open to both Yale and other non-profit organizations.

  • RNA expression profiling

  • DNA genotyping

  • High-throughput sequencing

  • Single Cell SNA-Seq services

YCRC administers a sustainable state-of-the-art computational infrastructure, providing technology services, and facilitating an interdisciplinary approach to the development and application of advanced computing and data processing technology throughout the research community.

  • Support of several high-performance computing (HPC) clusters

  • Support of visualization workstations

  • Data management

  • GIS expertise

  • Training in high-performance computing (HPC) clusters 

HRPP is responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects conducted at Yale, by Yale faculty, staff and students, and by investigators from several affiliate institutions.

Yale Office of Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Projects provides assistance to faculty and staff in obtaining and managing sponsored awards that support scholarly activities. They approve proposals submitted to all sponsors, for interpreting, negotiating, and accepting grants and contracts for sponsored projects (externally-funded activities), funded by federal and state agencies, foundations and other public and private sources, and provide guidance to assure proper stewardship of funds that are received.