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Exporting References from Scopus or Ovid to RefWorks

If you are having trouble exporting references directly from Scopus or Ovid databases to RefWorks, this guide describes an alternative way to export references from those databases to RefWorks.

You can first export the references to a file in the "RIS" format, and then import the file to RefWorks. Here is how.

First, locate the "Export" link from Scopus or Ovid:

Second, choose "RIS" format as the output:

Finally, in RefWorks, go to "References", "Import":

In the popup box, choose "RIS Format" as the "Import Filter/Data Source", and specify the Database. Use "Scopus" for Scopus, and use "Ovid Health" for Ovid. Then choose the exported file from Scopus or Ovid ("scopus.ris" or "ris.ris"). Click "Import". Your references should be imported to RefWorks.