Adopt a Rare Book

Book Author Title Year Cost for Adoption
Bartolomeo Eustachi Tabulae Anatomicae 1722 $6 000
Edward Topsell History of four-footed beasts and serpents 1658 $6 500
Wiliam Hunter Anatomical and chirurgical lectures: read by Dr. William Hunter and Mr. William Cruikshank (on dissected bodies): at their theatre in Windmill Street, Hay Market, London, taken in writing by William Tempest Mercer, a pupil attending the said lectures in 1775 and 1776. $8 000
William Buckland, 1784-1856, Geology and mineralogy : considered with reference to natural theology $5 000
John Hawkesworth An account of the voyages... $6 500
John Robertson Treatise of such mathematical instruments 1747 $4 000