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Staff & Departments

Janene Batten Reference Librarian for Nursing Research & Education: Schools 203-785-2396 (YSN), 203-737-2964 (Medical Library) janene.batten@yale.edu
Arthur Belanger Manager of Library Systems Technology & Innovation 203-785-6928 arthur.belanger@yale.edu
Terry Dagradi Cushing Center Coordinator Cushing Center 203-737-2960 terry.dagradi@yale.edu
Khadija El-Hazimy Library Services Assistant Collection Development and Management 203-785-4350 khadija.el-hazimy@yale.edu
Thomas Falco Research Specialist Medical Historical Library 203-737-4790 thomas.falco@yale.edu
Steven Ferrara DSP Medical Library & Office of Education Technology & Innovation 203-432-6594 steven.ferrara@yale.edu
Melissa Funaro, MLS, MS Evening/Weekend Reference Librarian Access and Delivery Services, Research & Education: Clinical 203-737-2838 melissa.funaro@yale.edu
John Gallagher, MLS Director Administration 203-785-5356 john.gallagher@yale.edu
Rolando Garcia-Milian Biomedical Sciences Research Support Research & Education: Schools 203-785-6194 rolando.milian@yale.edu
Aletia Garvey Library Service Assistant Access and Delivery Services 203-785-5359 aletia.garvey@yale.edu
Mark Gentry, MA, MLS Assistant Director, Research & Education: Clinical Research & Education: Clinical 203-785-2163 mark.gentry@yale.edu
Pamela Gibson Library Service Assistant Access and Delivery Services 203-785-5359 pamela.gibson@yale.edu
Florence Gillich Historical Library Assistant Medical Historical Library 203-737-1192 florence.gillich@yale.edu
Jan Glover, MLS, AHIP Assistant Director for Research & Education: Schools Research & Education: Schools 203-737-2962 jan.glover@yale.edu
Melissa Grafe, Ph.D John R. Bumstead Librarian for Medical History, Head of the Medical Historical Library Medical Historical Library 203-785-4354 melissa.grafe@yale.edu
Alyssa Grimshaw Evening/Weekend Library Services Assistant Access & Delivery Services 203-785-2133 alyssa.grimshaw@yale.edu
Katie Hart Sr. Administrative Assistant Administration 203-785-5352 katherine.hart@yale.edu
Denise Hersey, MLS, MA Clinical Support Librarian Research & Education: Clinical 203-785-6251 denise.hersey@yale.edu
Andy Hickner, MSI Web Services Librarian Technology & Innovation 203-785-3969 andrew.hickner@yale.edu
Martha Horan Preservation and Collection Management Librarian Medical Historical Library 203-737-2954 martha.horan@yale.edu
Bob Hughes Operations Manager Administration 203-785-6719 robert.hughes@yale.edu
Mary Hughes Library Service Assistant Access and Delivery Services 203-785-2855 mary.hughes@yale.edu
Alexandra Mashkautsan Library Service Assistant Access and Delivery Services 203-785-5359 alexandra.mashkautsan@yale.edu
George W. Moore Library Services Assistant Access and Delivery Services / Medical Historical Library 203-785-5355 george.moore@yale.edu
Holly Grossetta Nardini, MLS Associate Director Administration 203-737-1537 holly.nardini@yale.edu
Melanie Norton, MLIS, AHIP Head of Access and Delivery Services Access and Delivery Services 203-785-4359 melanie.norton@yale.edu
Kate Nyhan Research and Education Librarian Research & Education: Schools 203 737-2963 kate.nyhan@yale.edu
Dorota Peglow Library Service Assistant Access and Delivery Services 203-785-5359 dorota.peglow@yale.edu
Kelly Perry Lead Digitization Technical Assistant Technology & Innovation/Medical Historical Library 203-737-5542 kelly.perry@yale.edu
Vermetha Polite Cross-Departmental Team Leader Research & Education/Technology & Innovation 203-785-7653 vermetha.polite@yale.edu
Jeannette Ponzio Acquisitions Assistant Collection Development & Management 203-785-4348 jeannette.ponzio@yale.edu
Ana Quinones Library Service Assistant Access and Delivery Services 203-785-5359 a.quinones@yale.edu
Nathan Rupp Head of Collection Development and Management Collection Development & Management 203-785-2883 nathan.rupp@yale.edu
Judy Spak, MLS Curriculum Support Librarian Research & Education: Schools 203-737-2961 judy.spak@yale.edu
Lei Wang, MLS Assistant Director for Technology & Innovation Technology & Innovation 203-785-6485 lei.wang@yale.edu
Susan Wheeler Curator, Prints and Drawings and Historical Medical Posters Medical Historical Library 203-737-1063 susan.wheeler@yale.edu
Velma Williams Library Service Assistant Document Delivery 203-785-5358 velma.williams@yale.edu