Printing, Photocopying and Scanning at the Library

Printing from Medical Library computers is available through an arrangement with Yale Printing & Publication Service (Yale YPPS).   Seven multifunction machines located throughout the Medical Library allow photocopying and scanning in addition to printing.  Users can also configure their own computers to use the system.  An account with YPPS is required to use the multifunction machines. 

Prices on the PaperCut/BluePrint System:

  • Double-sided B&W copies and prints cost $0.06 on average ($0.10 for the first side and $0.02 for the second side).
  • Single-sided B&W prints and copies cost $0.10. 
  • 11"x17" copies cost $0.20 (only available on multifunction machines in the journal stacks)
  • Color printer and copies are $ 0.25 per page
  • Scanning is $ 0.01 per page

ACCOUNTS: A Yale PaperCut account is required to print or copy in the Medical Library.  Create or add value to an account through the YPPS Website or use the dedicated UniPrint Account Kiosk in the Library's Information Room.  Create or Add Value to an account.

Student Printing Subsidies

The Medical Library provides Medical, Physician Associate (PA), and first-year BBS students with value on their UniPrint accounts at the beginning of the academic year.  Any amounts unspent at the end of the academic year will be returned to the Medical Library except for the fourth MD year and the second PA year.  Amounts given in this final year will remain available for up to two years. 

  • Medical Students receive funds in each of their first four years of the program; $40 in each of their first three years and $60 in the fourth year. 
  • PA Students receive $40 in the first year of their program and $60 in their second year. 
  • BBS Students will receive $10 in the first year of their program

Configure your Laptop for the PaperCut/BluePrint System

You may print to any of the Medical Library's UniPrint printers from your laptop by installing and using the PaperCut client from the Yale ITS Software Library. This driver will allow printing to any campus printer on the PaperCut/BluePrint system. 

Photocopier, Printer, and Scanner Locations

All YPPS UniPrint equipment are Multifunction Printer/Copier/Scanners.  The Medical Library has a total of five black and white machines and one color/black and white machines.

  • Two B&W machines in the journal stacks (11"x17" platen)
  • One B&W machine in the 24/7 Computer & Study Space
  • Two B&W machines in the Information Room
  • One Color machine in the Information Room

Other scanning options include two digital workstations with scanners available for use by Yale University affiliates.   There is a Windows workstation with a flatbed scanner in the Information Room.  The 24/7 Space has another Windows workstation with scanner and an iMac with a flatbed scanner.