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Gift in Kind

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library is grateful to individuals and departments who have enriched our collections through the years with book, journal, and material donations.

Historical Materials

For materials published before 1920, please contact Melissa Grafe (melissa.grafe@yale.edu), Head of the Medical Historical Library.

Please note: Materials donated to the library becomes the property of the university and can be used or disposed of as we see fit. Appraisals of gifts are the responsibility of the donor but we are happy to provide an acknowledgement letter.


The library is does not accept journal donations due to space and staffing limitations.


The library is currently accepting gifts of books and non-print materials.

Of particular value are:

  • works published within the past ten years in the health sciences
  • newly published books

Books should be in good physical condition, and without excessive marking. The library reserves the right to add to our collections only those items that meet our current needs. Gifts not added to our collection will be, at the library’s discretion, donated to other libraries or agencies, sold, or discarded.

The library is not permitted (by Federal tax regulations) to provide an evaluation or appraisal of gifts. Please consult a tax professional or appraiser prior to donation.

A list of potential gift materials will help us make a decision about your donation. Please email a list to megan.nance@yale.edu.