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Biomedical Resources Browse by Title: V

VH Dissector Pro (Virtual Human)

Click the above link to enter your Yale email address and have a product key for the VH Dissector software sent to you via email.

VH Dissector Pro (Virtual Human) allows you to display selected anatomical structures and rotate them in space. The program is installed locally on all Macintosh computers in the Medical Library’s Information Room and 24/7 Space and on a computer in the Small Conference Room (Room 101). VH Dissector is also available in the 3rd floor Anatomy Lab and the Histology/Microbiology Labs on the 2nd floor of TAC. A Macbook Pro Laptop with VH Dissector can be borrowed from the Medical Library’s Circulation Desk (in library use only) for group viewing of the program in Library conference and group study rooms.

VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety.  Clinicians can build a custom differential diagnosis across general medicine or use the search function to access patient-specific clinical information and medical images.

Mobile App Available

An active Internet connection is required to use VisualDx.  You must register for a personal account while on either the Yale University or YNHH Secure WiFi network (or via a Yale VPN connection). To register, go to VisualDx and click on the “Get the Mobile App” link.  After registering, download the app.  Then activate it with the username and password you created on the online version of VisualDx.