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Endowed Positions


The primary focus of the Director position is to ensure that the library, both now and in the future, is valued by users as a center of excellence that provides the necessary information services and resources to support their clinical, research, and educational goals. The Director provides leadership, and is responsible for the overall administration, organization and development of the library. ($3 million) 

Clinical Support Librarian

Clinical Support Librarian 

The Library's Clinical Support Librarians recognize that clinicians spend the bulk of their time in the clinical setting. Consequently our Clinical Support Librarians can be found helping clinicians with research in the operating suite, in clinicians' offices, or on the wards of the hospital. Librarians attend medical rounds within the pediatric, surgery, neonatal, and neurology intensive care units, where they conduct evidence-based searches for clinicians to inform patient-care and treatment decisions.  ($2 million)

Curriculum Support Librarian 

The Curriculum Support Librarian supports the use of technology in the curriculum of the School of Medicine. This position assists faculty in their use of learning management systems to deliver course material to medical and Physician Associates students online. The librarian provides instruction to teaching faculty and administrative staff in the use of Bluedogs, a Web-based course management system, and works closely with faculty to identify new medical education software and digital resources to use in teaching. This position actively develops collections in both electronic and print formats that support student self-directed learning. ($2 million)

Instructional Design Librarian 

The Instructional Design Librarian creates and maintains web-based, self-paced lessons, tutorials, and other learning objects that effectively enhance, complement, and extend library's education program in an online environment. The Instructional Design Librarian also provides support to the teaching faculty at the School of Medicine in creating online learning objects for the curriculum. This support is essential to making the School's flipped curriculum successful. ($2 million)

Preservation and Collections Management Librarian 

Preserving for posterity the renowned collection of rare medical books and journals, manuscripts, pamphlets, prints, photographs and objects in the Medical Historical Library, as well as the general collections in the Medical Library is an essential activity for the library. The Preservation and Collections Management Librarian analyzes the needs of the collections and designs appropriate treatments for items ranging from parchment to electronic media. The Librarian acts as an advocate for the collections and educates the Yale community about the need for preservation activities, including the challenges born-digital content presents. ($2 million)