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If you would like more information about the Associates program, or if you would like to discuss how you could help the Library, please contact:

John Gallagher John Gallagher, Director, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Michael Kashgarian Dr. Michael Kashgarian, Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees Trustees Honorary Trustees

Officers and Ex-Officio

Michael Kashgarian, MD

Robert J. Alpern, MD
Dean, Yale School of Medicine

John Gallagher, MLS
Director, Medical Library

Melissa Grafe, PhD
Librarian for Medical History

Susan Gibbons, EdD
University Librarian

Sharon McManus
Director of Medical Library Development

John H. Warner, PhD
Professor and Chairman, History of Medicine

Ann Kurth, PhD, RN, MPH, FAAN
Dean, Yale School of Nursing

Susan Baserga, MD, PhD
Chairman, Library Committee

Stephen Ariyan, MD

John Booss, MD

Jean Bolognia, MD

Irwin M. Braverman, MD

Lawrence S. Cohen, MD

John Fenn, MD

Myron Genel, MD

Michael Kashgarian, MD

Francis Lee, MD, PhD

Dieter Lindskog, MD

Walter Longo, MD

Linda Maerz, MD

Jocelyn Malkin, MD

Richard L. Petrelli, MD

Kirk Shelley, MD, PhD

Shepard Stone, PA

Merle Waxman


Toby Appel, PhD

Jeremiah Barondess, MD

Harvey W. Cushing II

Martin Gordon, MD

William H. Helfand

Kristaps J. Keggi, MD

R. Kenny Marone, MLS

Nancy Roderer, MLS

Stanley Simbonis, MD

Dennis Spencer, MD

G. Stewart Young

Jane Stewart Young