Consultations & Drop-Ins

What are consultations at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library?

Consultations at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library are meetings you can schedule to discuss a particular data-related topic. These meetings might include your personal or departmental librarian in addition to the data librarian if you would like to explore research data applications with the practices or research foci of a targeted discipline.

Request a consultation by emailing


What are drop-in sessions at the Medical Library?


Drop-ins are blocks of time set aside for you to work on a specific topics in the Medical Library's classroom (room 111), such R or Python. A librarian will be on hand to help you troubleshoot errors and answer questions you might have as you work through tutorials or your own self-guided projects.  


What are office hours at the Medical Library?

Data office hours are set periods of time for you to and ask data-related questions and discuss topics such as data visualization, data organization, data storage options, and direction toward tutorials or resources about research data and data science topics.


Data Drop-in and Office Hour Help at the Medical Library

During COVID-19: During the work-from-home period initiated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, standing office hours will not be held. Instead, email to set up a one on one or group meeting to discuss and ask questions about research data topics.

Before and after COVID-19: If you have questions about research data, data science, or you would like help working through R or Python projects, find Office Hour or Drop in Sessions on the Medical Library calendar

  • Why am I getting this error message does this error message in R or Python?

  • How can I create a volcano plot or heat map using R?

  • Where can I learn more about data visualization and choosing appropriate graph types for my research?

  • How can I use Python to scrape text data from websites or to analyse textual data?

  • How can I share my data securely with other researchers?

  • What are data storage options at Yale?

  • My funder requires I deposit my data into a repository. Which repository should I use?

  • Where can can I find data about [insert your topic here]?

  • Can someone look over my Data Management Plan (DMP)?

  • What electronic lab notebook options are out there? 

To request any of these types of data consultations at the Medical Library, email

Statistics Support Consultation Services

StatLab Consultants can help you with your data analysis and statistical tests. StatLab Consultants are available at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library in room 101 during scheduled shifts. See when these shifts are scheduled. During the COVID-19 response period, StatLab Consultations will take place virtually over Microsoft Teams. Virtual shifts are updated on the StatLab calendar. 

Learn more about statistical support services on the StatLab webpage.