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Find It Fast #8: Clinical Queries in MEDLINE

Although most articles indexed in MEDLINE are original research studies, it DOES index some critically appraised content, such as the Cochrane reviews, ACP Journal Club articles, etc. This tutorial will first demonstrate how to quickly find the critically appraised content using PubMed. When you do have to search in MEDLINE for original research studies, filters are available to help you find the best types of studies for your clinical question. This tutorial also demonstrates how to use the various clinical query filters both in PubMed and in Ovid SP MEDLINE.


Framing Questions with PICO

Searching the biomedical literature can be confusing. Fortunately for you, there’s PICO. Popular in the evidence-based practice community, PICO helps to break a research inquiry down into its important concepts. From there, you can formulate the well-built, focused and answerable question that is the key to developing precise and successful literature search strategies.