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Board Review Materials and Expanded Collections

18 March 2020 - 2:15pm by Dana Haugh

As most curricula are being adapted to online settings, the Medical Library is looking into licensing resources that will accommodate students’ continuing education needs, especially board prep materials. Below is a list of resources the library currently licenses. We will continue to update this list as new materials are acquired. 

Contact Lindsay Barnett, lindsay.barnett@yale.edu, with any questions about accessing these resources or to recommend additional collections.

Board Review

  • Amboss  The Amboss platform serves students preparing for their USMLE exams. It includes Learning Cards to test future physicians’ medical knowledge of clinical topics along with a Qbank that covers 15,000+ clinical knowledge areas.  Research and testing is conducted to ensure learning material is aligned to meet the needs of medical students around the world.
    UPDATE 6/1/20
    To continue using Amboss, students must reactivate their campus license. Click on “account,” “redeem code” and in the “Activate a Campus License” section in the top right corner, select “Yale School of Medicine.” 
  • CaseX from OnlineMedEd – A collection of video cases designed to simulate patient experiences.  As you progress through each case, new information becomes available, tests need to be run, symptoms emerge. All educationally linked to OnlineMedEd's underlying clinical curriculum, where 100% of the lecture videos are also available right now. Available through June 30th.  
  • LWW Health Library Medical Education provides access to books and multimedia educational resources, including case collections.  
  • USMLE First Aid ebook collection contains high-yield facts, illustrations and test-taking strategies, casebooks, and board-format Q & A's. These USMLE First Aid books are co-authored by students and residents, ensuring students are studying the most up-to-date and relevant material available.
  • Exam Master is a study tool for health science students preparing for board exams. Covering a wide variety of subjects and intended for medical, PA, and nursing students, EMO provides review questions, practice exams, explained answers and more. 
  • AccessMedicine provides a variety of educational tools, including a Study Tools section with thousands of sample questions in different areas that can be used to create customized practice exams. Textbooks devoted to board review prep are also available.  
  • NEJM Resident 360 is a resource available through the library's subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). You must create an individual account for access. There are a number of clinical cases and other educational resources available. 
  • The following MedOne packages are available: NeurosurgeryRadiology, and Plastic Surgery.  These collections of text and multimedia from Thieme include case and board reviews.

Additional Complimentary Resources to Support Online Teaching

Yale University Library has compiled a list of freely accessible resources outside of the health sciences that may also be of interest.