Departmental Librarians

Yale Department/Program Librarian
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Alumni Affairs Janene Batten, MLS
Anesthesiology Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Cancer Center Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Cardiovascular Medicine Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Cell Biology Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Cellular and Molecular Physiology Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA) Jan Glover, MLS, AHIP
Center for Medical Informatics Lei Wang, MSI
Child Study Center Melissa Funaro, MLS, MS
Clinician Scholars Program Holly K. Grossetta Nardini, MLS
Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Comparative Medicine Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Deans and Administration, YSM John Gallagher, MLS
Dentistry Contact Us
Dermatology Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Digestive Diseases Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Emergency Medicine Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Endocrinology and Metabolism Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Genetics Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Geriatrics Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Hematology Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
History of Medicine Melissa Grafe, PhD.
Humanities in Medicine Melissa Grafe, PhD.
Immunobiology Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Infectious Diseases Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Internal Medicine, General Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Laboratory Medicine Melissa Funaro, MLS, MS
Microbial Pathogenesis Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B) Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Nephrology Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Neurobiology Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Neurology Contact Us
Neuroscience Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Neurosurgery Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Nursing Janene Batten, MLS
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Alyssa Grimshaw, MSLIS
Online Physician Assistant Program Contact Us
Ophthalmology and Visual Science Holly K. Grossetta Nardini, MLS
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Contact Us
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Pathology Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Pediatrics Melissa Funaro, MLS, MS
Pharmacology Rolando Garcia-Milian, MLS
Physician Associate Program Jan Glover, MLS, AHIP
Postgraduate and Graduate Medical Education Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Psychiatry Melissa Funaro, MLS, MS
Public Health Kate Nyhan, MLS
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Rheumatology Mark Gentry, MA, MLS
Surgery Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Therapeutic Radiology Melissa Funaro, MLS, MS
Urology Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS
Women’s Health Research at Yale Alyssa Grimshaw, MSLIS
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