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Mobile Apps

You need to be on the Yale network or using remote access (VPN) to register for Yale-licensed applications. 

Licensed Apps | Selected Free/Inexpensive Apps | Tips for Installing Apps

Licensed Applications (free to Yale University/YNHH affiliates)



ucentral icon


This is the institutional gateway from Unbound Medicine. All content is installed by default including 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult, Johns Hopkins ABX Guide, Essential Evidence/POEMS, Evidence-based Medicine Guidelines, Hopkins Manual of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, Taber's Medical Dictionary, and Prime PubMed. To access uCentral, first time users must be on the Yale or YNHH network to create a mobile account username and password

To access on the Web: Go to uCentral - Go to sign in - Register your account
To access on your devices: App Store or Google Play Store - Download uCentral (uCentral standalone or for institutions) - Select 'Sign In' and set up an account 
  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows phone


DynaMed Plus Mobile App logo

DynaMed Plus Mobile App

This app provides full offline content to the DynaMed Plus point-of-care resource. The application and data require approximately 1GB free on your device.  To start the download process, go to DynaMed Plus, on the Yale or YNHH network and click on the link "Mobile Use - Get the DynaMed Plus Mobile App".  Enter your email address and follow the instructions provided in the email you receive.

  • Available on Android and iOS.  Requires at least 1GB of free storage space.



UpToDate icon


Get the UpToDate App through Apple's App StoreAndroid Google Play or the Windows 8 store

An active Internet connection - either WiFi or cellular data - is required to access UpToDate content. The application is free but users MUST register to create a personal username and password in order to use the UpToDate mobile application. You must be on the Yale University or Yale-New Haven Hospital network (or using remote access) to register. Go to UptoDate Online on a computer and click on "Login/Register" or the "Register Now" link and complete the registration form. You will be prompted to enter the username/password you just created the first time you use the App. EPIC users can register with UpToDate from within the EPIC system. This will link your EPIC login with your UpToDate personal account and allow you to accumulate AMA Category 1 CME by reading UpToDate content while in the EPIC system.

  • Available on Android, iOS


Visual DX icon

Visual DX

VisualDx is a diagnostic decision support system designed by clinicians to aid medical professionals in the diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases.  

An active Internet connection is required to use VisualDx.  You must register for a personal account while on either the Yale University or YNHH Secure WiFi network (or via a Yale VPN connection). To register, go to and click on the “Get the Mobile App” link.  After registering, go to the Apple's Appstore or the Google Playstore to download the app.  Then activate it with the username and password you created on the online version of VisualDx.

  • Available on Android and iOS.  Data is not stored locally.


micromedex icon

Micromedex Drug Reference/...Drug Interactions & ...IV Compatibility 

To get the core drug database, download the "IBM Micromedex Drug Reference" app and enter Yale's subscription password to activate. The password is available through the online version of Micromedex by clicking on the "Download Center" link when on the Yale University or Yale-New Haven Hospital network (or using remote access).  There are apps available for Drug Interactions, IV Compatibility, and NeoFax/Pediatrics. Each app requires a unique institutional password. NeoFax/Pediatrics password is found by clicking on the link for Neofax/Pediatrics from the online version of Micromedex and then clicking on mobile.
Note: Codes change annually.



clinicalKey icon

Clinical Key

Get mobile CK-ClinicalKey through Apple's App Store or the Android Play Store

This app provides full access on a small form factor device to the extensive content in Elsevier's Clinical Key.  Clinical Key includes hundreds of textbooks, journal articles and multimedia include an extensive collection of procedures videos and step by step illustrated guides. An active Internet connection - either WiFi or cellular data - is required to access this content. The application is free, but users MUST register for an account by going to on a computer and clicking on the “Register” link while on the Yale University or Yale-New Haven Hospital network (or using remote access).  Download and open the App.  When prompted, enter the username and password you just created. 

  • Available on Android and iOS.  Requires around 7MB of storage space.


Read icon

Read by QxMD

Read by QxMD helps you keep up-to-date with the latest research in your area of practice. It is available through the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. Download the app and create an account. Once you are logged in on the mobile choose settings and choose Yale as your institution.

  • Available on Android and iOS.


Access Medicine logo.



AccessMedicine is an extensive collection of books, multimedia and other special features are available online in a format that is optimized for small form factor devices (responsive design). This collection includes Harrison's Online, dozens of other major textbooks including the Lange Basic Sciences and Clinical Series and a number of useful point of care resources and tools. An active Internet connection is required on either a Yale/YNHH network connection or VPN remote access.

Other Access collections also use the responsive design architecture that allows full access to online content on smartphones. This includes Access Anesthesiology | Access Emergency Medicine | Access Pediatrics | Access Surgery


Selected Free/Inexpensive Applications



‎USPSTF Prevention TaskForce

The USPSTF is an application designed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to help primary care clinicians identify the screening, counseling, and preventive medication services that are appropriate for their patients.  The ePSS is available both as a web application and a mobile application. Information is based on the current recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows phone

  Aids Info app

AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Guidelines

The app provides access to the federally approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines. The app offers treatment recommendations approved by expert panels for the treatment of adult, adolescent, pediatric, and perinatal HIV infection, as well as the prevention and treatment of HIV-related opportunistic infections in adults, adolescents, and children.

  • Available on Android and iOS


qxcalc icon


Calculate by QxMD

‘Calculate’ is a clinical calculator and decision support tool for iOS and Android devices, freely available to the medical community. Focused on highlighting tools which are actually useful in clinical practice and serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis..

  •  Available on Android and iOS


Medscape icon


Medscape Mobile

Registration Required. Medscape Mobile contains selected information from WebMD's Medscape and eMedicine online sites. This free product includes:

  • Drug reference with interaction checker
  • Multimedia clinical reference with over 4,000 diseases, conditions and procedures
  • Clinical Procedures database [most unique features compared with other apps]
  • Available on Android and iOS

DDx Icon


A medical and surgical differential diagnosis tool from McGraw-Hill Medical. Based on content from Lange series and provided on the UnboundMedicine platform.

  • Price:  $4.99  
  • Available on Android and iOS


Tips for Installing Applications

For products with large amounts of locally stored content like DynaMed Plus and UCentral you will install the shell application without content to your device. The second part of the installation will require you to download the data over the Internet through a cellular or a WiFi connection. Make sure you have a speedy and stable connection before you begin the download.  If you have a limited data plan, use WiFi for the download.

Create an account through the provider's Website before you proceed. The first time you tap the icon for the resource you will be prompted to enter the username and password you just created. This will initiate the content download.