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Adding Yale's OpenURL Path to EndNote X7

This guide provides a step-by-step demonstration for adding Yale's OpenURL Path to EndNote to allow the "Find Full Text" function to work better with Yale's subscription-based resources.

Yale's OpenURL for EndNote is:


Here is how to do it:

First, open EndNote's "Preferences" dialog box. In Windows, go to "Edit" menu and then choose "Preferences".

Locating EndNote Preferences

In OS X, go to the "EndNote X7" menu and choose "Preferences".

Locating EndNote Preferences in Mac

Next, in the "Preferences" dialog box, click on "Find Full Text" in the left column, and put in the Yale OpenURL as shown below. Click "OK" or "Apply".

EndNote Preferences

You're done! EndNote should now be able to download article full text using Yale's subscription-based resources.

Still have questions? Contact lei.wang@yale.edu.