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Medical Heritage Library

A digital collection promoting free and open access to quality historical resources in medicine. 


Biomedical bibliographic information for clinical medicine, health care, and nursing.

MedOne Neurosurgery

Neurosurgical books, illustrated procedures, images, videos, and case examples with management suggestions.

MedOne Plastic Surgery

Books, step-by-step instructions for core procedures, cases with management strategies, images and surgical videos.

MedOne Radiology

A comprehensive reference for medical imaging specialists containing extensive case libraries, diagnostic, and procedural guidelines.

Medscape Reference

Medical news, expert interpretations of news, point-of-care information, drug and disease information, and opportunities for CME. 

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Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print

Guide to contemporary testing instruments and evaluations to test products.


Curates high quality biological systems content in context, giving you essential data and analytical tools to accelerate scientific research.

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Incorporates extensive manually curated information on biological effects of small molecule compounds.

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