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Library Technology

*Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, fewer computers are available for use and we are unable to loan electronic equipment such as chargers, cameras, and adpaters. Laptops are still available for loan.*

Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning

A Yale PaperCut account is required to print, copy or scan.  Create an account or download the desktop client at YPPS Print Account Management page.


  • Double-sided B&W copies and prints: $0.10 for the first side, $0.02 for the second side.
  • Single-sided B&W prints and copies: $0.10.
  • 11"x17" copies: $0.20
  • Color printer and copies: $ 0.25 per page
  • Scanning: $ 0.01 per page

Add funds to an existing account

Desktops & Scanners

Please note, there are fewer computers available due to COVID-19 safety

Desktop locations:

  • Across from the Circulation Desk (Main level)
  • Information Commons on (E-level)
  • 24/7 Room (E-level)

Scanner locations:

  • 24/7 Room (E-level)
  • Outside Walk-In Computer Support Center (E-level)

When the library is closed, the 24/7 Room can be accessed through an outside door in the back corridor off the main Sterling Hall of Medicine stairway with a Yale ID card.

Data should never be stored on Medical Library computers. For a complete list of software and hardware, view this document. If you need technical support, contact Justin DeMayo, Distributed Support Provider, 203-785-5770 or         

Borrow a Laptop (Medical Center Students Only)

Medical Center students may borrow a laptop for up to 5 days. To borrow a laptop, visit the Circulation Desk. You will need to fill out a basic user agreement.

Laptops may not be renewed. A one-day wait period will be applied before another laptop can be loaned out to the same student.

Laptops are not HIPAA Compliant devices and ePHI should not be stored or accessed on them.

Models include: Lenovo Thinkpad T450s or T470s and 13in MacBook Pros