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Medical Library Wellness Room

Photo of Wellness room at Yale medical library

Located in the Morse Reading Room, Room 113B

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Wellness Room is a space for all Yale and YNHH affiliates to enjoy a quiet moment away from work and study environments. Use this space to engage in quiet contemplation, de-stress, reflect, or participate in a wellness activity. Activities can include meditation, yoga, prayer, stretching, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, and general relaxation breaks.

The Wellness Room is located on the first floor of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library in the Morse Reading Room. The room features a soft chair, clean rugs, and a large window with beautiful light. Please be respectful of this space and keep it a relaxing and clean room for all.


  • Please be courteous and respectful of others using the room. 
  • Keep noise to a minimum. Silence cell phones and use headphones for any music.
  • Please remove all personal belongings when exiting the space.
  • Furniture is to remain inside the room. Please don't move furniture into or out of the room.
  • This room is not appropriate for study, lounging, or sleeping.


Suggestions and feedback for how to improve this space are welcomed and encouraged. To submit a suggestion, please email Darin A. Latimore with the subject "Wellness Room Suggestions":  darin.latimore@yale.edu