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Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Updated December 2022

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Org chart for Dec 2022 - see below for text

The Director of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library reports to both the University Library and the School of Medicine through the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services & Information Technology – Michael Bell, and YSM Deputy Dean for Education – Jessica Illuzzi

John Gallagher, Director

  • Vacant, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Holly Grossetta Nardini, Associate Director
    • Judy Spak, Head of Academic Research and Education
      • Janene Batten, Research and Education Librarian for Nursing
      • Courtney Brombosz, Research and Education Librarian
      • Kayla Del Biondo, Simbonis Librarian for Public Health
      • Sofia Fertuzinhos, Research & Education Librarian for Bioinformatics
      • Rolando Garcia-Milian, Research & Education Librarian for Bioinformatics
      • Caitlin Meyer, Research and Education Librarian, Coordinator of Instruction
      • Kate Nyhan, Research and Education Librarian for Public Health
    • Lei Wang, Head of Technology and Innovation
      • Justin DeMayo, System and Application Specialist
      • Dana Haugh, Web Services Librarian, Coordinator of Marketing and Communication
      • Kelly Perry, Lead Digitization Technical Assistant
      • Kaitlin Throgmorton, Data Librarian for the Health Sciences
      • Akram York, Distributed Support Provider
    • Zsuzsa Nemeth, Head of Clinical Research and Education
      • Alexandria Brackett, Clinical Research and Education Librarian
      • Melissa Funaro, Clinical Research and Education Librarian
      • Alyssa Grimshaw, Clinical Research and Education Librarian
      • Victoria Helwig, Library Services Assistant
    • Vermetha Polite, Library Services Assistant
  • Sonali Banerjee, Operations Manager (also reports Director of YSM Finance Paul Greeley)
  • Melissa Grafe, Head of Historical Library, Bumstead Librarian for Medical History
    • Terry Dagradi, Cushing Center Coordinator
    • Kathi Isham, Archivist
    • Chris Zollo, Historical Library Services Assistant
    • Laura O'Brien-Miller (.4 FTE), Conservation Librarian
  • Melanie Norton, Head of Access and Delivery Services
    • Aletia Garvey, Library Services Assistant
    • Pamela Gibson, Library Services Assistant
    • Mary Hughes, Library Services Assistant
    • Dorota Peglow, Library Services Assistant
    • Lisa Sanders, Library Services Assistant
    • Megan Nance, Access Services Librarian
      • Jeffrey Brown, Librarian Services Assistant
      • Vasean Daniels, Library Services Assistant
      • Kyra Walker, Library Services Assistant