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Consultations and Collaborations


Consultation is available (free of charge) to individuals, groups, or teams to address bioinformatics-related research questions and needs. Consultation is mainly provided in-person or remotely over Zoom, but less complex questions may be addressed over email or by phone.

Examples of consultation topics include:

  • Identification of appropriate bioinformatics software or databases to answer specific research questions
  • Hands-on tutorials on bioinformatics software licensed by the Medical Library
  • Analysis of bulk and single-cell ChIP-, ATAC-, RNA-seq, and microarray data using library-licensed bioinformatics tools
  • Discussion of analysis using command line tools and R/Python packages
  • Enrichment (pathway and network) analysis and visualization of differentially regulated molecules 
  • Finding, retrieving, and using public datasets for cross-referencing research results or hypothesis testing 
  • Development or narrowing hypothesis in silico by using existing public omics data and literature


We provide free support and instruction on OMICS data analysis for various kinds of biomedical research projects. By request, we provide letters of support for grants and also collaborate on analyzing the data. See examples of our recent collaborations below. 

visual of co-author collaboration network between medical library bioinformatics support and YSM/YSPH departments








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