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Upcoming NIH Data Sharing Policy Change

11 August 2022 - 2:45pm by Kaitlin Throgmorton

On January 25, 2023, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will update its Data Management and Sharing Policy to further accelerate biomedical research discovery through scientific data sharing. The policy includes two main requirements: submission of a data management and sharing plan agreement to comply with that plan, including sharing and preserving data for the long-term Though the policy builds on the NIH’s initial 2003 policy, one significant change is that the new policy will apply to all funded research, not just projects with large awards. The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library welcomes this new policy and supports its emphasis on translating research results into accessible knowledge on human health. To receive assistance with research data management, specifically help in writing a data management plan, please contact Kaitlin Throgmorton, data librarian for the health sciences, at kaitlin.throgmorton@yale.edu QUICK FACTS: The policy goes into effect for applications received on or after January 25, 2023. Complying with the policy is required for all NIH-funded research, including awards under $500,000.  Data management plans must be submitted with NIH applications. There are also additional components to be included. Researchers are expected to share their data when appropriate. The NIH has launched a new website to support the policy. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Manage Data from the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Scientific Data Sharing from the NIH Research Data Management from Yale Library DMPTool – a free tool for generating data management plans based on funder templates, including the new NIH policy (for writing DMS plans) re3data – a free tool for looking up research data repositories (for sharing data) FAIRsharing – a free tool for looking up data standards, databases, and policies (for writing DMS plans) Gonzales S, Carson MB, Holmes K (2022) Ten simple rules for maximizing the recommendations of the NIH data management and sharing plan. PLOS Computational Biology 18(8): e1010397. Michener WK. (2015). Ten simple rules for creating a good data management plan. PLOS Computational Biology, 11(10): e1004525.

Announcing: Love Data Week 2022 at the Medical Library

26 January 2022 - 4:40pm by Kaitlin Throgmorton

    Love Data Week will be February 14-18, 2022. This event marks the importance of data in our lives, science, medicine, and countless other areas.  This year’s theme — “data is for everyone” — reminds us both that data should be accessible and equitable. Everyone should be able to feel confident in accessing and using data, and everyone should see parts of themselves, and their communities, in the data we collect, analyze, and share.  In the spirit of the idea that “data is for everyone” during Love Data Week, we’ll be offering data workshops for users at all levels, and we hope you’ll learn something new whether you’ve just started working with data, or you’ve been doing so for a while.  Join Yale’s Cushing/Whitney Medical Library in observing Love Data Week with the following events: Where in the World is the Data You Need? How to Find and Reuse Data — Learn how to find, evaluate, and use data, especially publicly available data, in this session on Tuesday, February 15. You’re encouraged to BYOD (bring your own dataset) for an exploratory class where we’ll look for and discover data in the wild! Register now. Excel for Research Data Management — This session will cover tips and tricks for managing data in Excel, from text and data manipulation, to filters, functions, and formulas, and more. Join the Marx and Cushing/Whitney data librarians for this session on Friday, February 18. Register now. Data Librarian Office Hours — Starting Monday, February 14, the data librarian for the health sciences will be hosting office hours every other Monday afternoon. The first session during Love Data Week will focus on ‘adopting a dataset,’ but all topics are welcome. Get details, and register here to attend one or more sessions.  Managing Your Research with Electronic Notebooks: How to Use LabArchives — Get a jump start on Love Data Week with this session the week prior on managing data and research in electronic notebooks, happening on February 10th. Register now.  Want more Love Data Week fun? Check out ICPSR's Adopt a Dataset initiative! (ICSPR, a data repository, is the international host for Love Data Week.) This is a great opportunity to explore and interact with a public dataset, and learn more about it.  Plus, explore more Love Data Week sessions across the Yale University Library and at the National Library of Medicine. (And, here on campus, if you're into big data, don't miss Yale Center for Research Computing's Python for Big Data Analysis class on Friday, February 18.) We look forward to seeing you for Love Data Week, and beyond!
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